K4HV 160M Wave Vertical

Here are some pictures of my 160m vertical antenna project. It is 100 of Rohn 25G and a 20 aluminum stinger. The base is made out of four 6 power line insulators sandwiched between two Rohn base plates. 7/8 stainless bolts hold the assembly together. 32 radials 50 long and 30 radials 100 long comprise the ground system. 3 copper strap and copper tubing that is soldered and bolted together make for a low inductance ground path. Feedline is ~200 of 7/8 Andrew LDF5-50A. I had an issue with guy wire top loading the vertical radiator due to sections of the guy wires being too long. I ended up adding nine extra egg insulators to break up the guys. Impedance is about 30 ohms measured with a Delta Electronics OIB-1. A shunt L raises the feed point impedance to 50 ohms. VSWR is less than 1.5 over 75kHz.