Part Number              Voltage           Frequency                 Retail Price


CR-64                         13.8VDC         30.720MHz                  $129.95

CR-263 (*)                  8VDC              30.720MHz                  $109.95

CR-282                                               30.000MHz                  $139.95

CR-293                                               30.200MHz                  $309.95

CR-338                                               32.000MHz                  $74.95

CR-502                                                                                   $87.95


(*) Note: The CR-263 was used in the IC-1275A series transceiver and used an 8VDC heater. The CR-263 is extremely hard to find. The CR-64 unit may be used if the heater voltage is changed to 13.8VDC, bypassing the 7808 regulator. This slight modification is easily reversible. Both the CR-64 and CR-263 are the same physical size and pin out except for the heater voltage difference.


Since the CR-64 was used in all the Icom IC-575A/H, IC-275A/H, IC-375A, and IC475A/H series radios, this lends to the inclination that the 8V heater on the IC-1275A was an engineering mistake that was never corrected. Trying to use the CR-64 directly in the IC-1275A circuit will over stress the 7808 8VDC regulator and should be avoided. However, regulating the heater voltage can be a good practice and should not be taken trivially.


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