UHF, EME, Weak Signal Related Sites

AF9Y Home Page - EME and weak signal

K2AH - Dish antenna construction and EME information

G3PHO Homepage -Microwave stuff

K1UHF VHF and Above Weak Signal Web Page

WZ1V's VHF Modifications Page - Mods to AM-6154/6155 amplifiers

AM-6154/6155 Repository

VHF Communications Magazine - Amateur radio and professional RF engineers quarterly

W1GHZ 10 GHz Page - pictures of operators, equipment, technical information

N1BUG - Using the AM-912 on 222 MHz

N0UK - HSMS and a Maidenhead grid location calculator







CT1DMK - Impressive amp construction

VK5KK’s Microwave Site

DUBUS - The publication of choice for serious uhf and microwave folks

W2UHI – 1296 and 10 GHz EME

WA1MBA – Microwave email reflector information and rain scatter

W6OYJ – Polaplexer information



HB9BBD – 1296 MHz EME

JH5LUZ – EME in Japan

EME Super Links – too many EME links so little time…

PA3CSG – EME and PA data

6m World Wide – Very useful UHF/Microwave info, and Microwave Modules manuals


DUBUS Archives from ON6DV

VE1ALQ – EME Tracking Systems, 23cm Amplifiers

PA0EHG – Microwave EME


S57UUU – 10 GHz EME and TWT power supplies

OE5JFL – Homebrew antenna control system, 23cm EME

6 cm Resource Page – G4KLX

PE1CQQ – 10-76 GHz

Propagation Related Sites

144 MHz DX Cluster Propagation Logger

222 MHz DX Cluster Propagation Logger

UHF Activity Logger

William Hepburn’s Propagation Forecast Page – The page to check every day!

Radio Line of Sight Plot Server

UHF and Microwave Related Clubs

Florida Weak Signal Society

VHF-Microwave Newsletters Subscription Information

Western States Weak Signal Society

Rochester VHF Group

San Bernardino Microwave Society

Central States VHF Society

Southeastern VHF Society

North Texas Microwave Society

Northern Lights Radio Society

North East Weak Signal Group

Mt Airy VHF Radio Club

50 MHz and Up Group

Roadrunners Microwave Group

Mt. Greylock Expeditionary Force

K8GP Contest Group

W4NH Contest Group

European Microwave News

Microwave Update 2002