Microwave Equipment Vendors

Downeast Microwave – Transverters and equipment

Directive Systems – Antennas

C3i – More antennas

DL2AM – Components and Amplifiers

LNA Technology – Low noise cavity input preamps and sequencers

International Crystal Manufacturing – Crystals

Advanced Receiver Research – Gunnplexer systems

SSB Electronics – Transverters and equipment

GH Engineering – Neat solid state 1296 amps

Kuhne Electronics – DB6NT microwave gear

Parabolic AB – Dish antennas

SCTV-SkyCable – MMDS downconverters and antennas

SHF Electronics – Gunnplexers and dishes

M2 Antennas – Great UHF beams

Lunar Link – High power UHF amps by K1FO

California Eastern Labs – GaAs/HEMT devices by NEC

Fujitsu Semiconductor – Nice IMFET’s for microwave amplifiers

Toshiba Semiconductors – RF devices and MMIC’s

Mini-Circuits – MMIC amplifiers, mixers, passive devices

RF Parts Co. – Power modules and active devices

Agilent Technologies – Test equipment, semiconductors

Part Miner – Data sheets for any semiconductor that ever existed

Miteq – Amplifiers, mixers, sub-assemblies

MA-Com – attenuators, connectors, active components

W7RF RadioDan – Henry amplifiers (they still have the 220 and 430 MHz units)

Ebay – Believe it or not, there is a boatload of microwave gear for sale here!

Rohn Industries – Towers and support structures

Dana’s Index of Electronic Manufacturers – if you can’t find it here it doesn’t exist!

ZAX Millimeter Wave Corp. – Millimeter wave parts, horns, feeds, etc.

RF Cafι – Good vendors links for RF products

US Digital – Optical encoders and motion control (steer that big dish!)

Don’t forget your local hamfests!